What You Need to Bring, Gwaii Haanas, Haida Gwaii / Queen Charlotte Islands

You need to bring personal gear such as rain gear, comfortable footwear for walking and hiking, rubber boots for easy access to the shore from the skiff, sleeping bag, camera gear and binoculars (if you prefer your own). A bathing suit is a must for a soak at Hotsprings. Given the variable weather on the Charlottes your day might start in long underwear and finish in shorts and sunglasses - be prepared, but keep in mind that storage space is a limited commodity on any boat. If you like to fish you also should bring a saltwater fishing license (we provide all the gear you need to do the rest). Please use soft, stow-able luggage.

Although we try to organize our trip to avoid rough weather, sea sickness can be a factor. If you are prone, bring medication, skin patches, wrist bands, voodoo magic - whatever works.

A more specific list of stuff to bring is provided with the information package sent upon confirmation of booking.